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Wheel Cleaning Bundle

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Make your wheels shine with this powerful wheel cleaner bundle which includes our 5L Wheel Perfection cleaner that busts brake dust and cleans grime from your wheel alloys. For ease of use, we have included a 1L pro bottle with a chemical-resistant trigger to decant your solution into and a microfibre drying waffle cloth to dry your wheels once clean. This bundle also includes the must-have wheel cleaning accessories to give you every tool you could need to make those alloy wheels shine. With feathertip and firm detailing brushes, a large wheel barrel brush, and wonder wall tyre scrubbers, you can dig into all the hard-to-reach muck and grime to make those wheels clean and sparkling.

Wheel Perfection Wheel Cleaner - 5L
Professional Trigger Bottle - 1L
Black Angel Tyre Glaze - 500ml
Feathertip Detailing Brushes
Wonder Walls Tyre Scrubbers
Large Barrel Wheel Brush
Microfibre Drying Cloth

Wheel Perfection Cleaner - 5L :

1. Rinse off loose dirt with cold water or a pressure washer
2. Ensure that all wheels are cool before applying
3. Shake the bottle well
4. Apply to one wheel at a time, spraying liberally over the wheel surface
5. Leave for 5 minutes and you will see the formula will start to change to a deep purple colour as it reacts
6. Agitate using a soft wheel brush and work over brake dust, dirt, and grime
7. Rinse wheels thoroughly

Black Angel Tyre Glaze - 500ml :

1. Ensure tyres have been cleaned and dried thoroughly
2. Shake the can well
3. Spray directly and evenly onto the tyre walls and allow to dry
4. Remove any excess product with a clean cloth

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