Take your detailing to the next level

Our Car Gods Detailing Courses cover different levels of skill for both weekend warriors, aspiring detailers and exeprienced professionals.

What to expect

When you come to our Rochdale training centre you will receive the best quality training from professionals with over 20 years’ experience.

We take a relaxed approach to the training, taking you step by step through the detailing process and there is no question too big or too small. The guidance you need will be delivered in a bespoke, purpose-built environment and course attendees are limited to ensure you get appropriate time with each of our detailers.

Our Courses

Exterior Wash & Paint Care

1 Day Course

£250 per person

This is focused on the exterior of the vehicle.We will guide you through how to get the best clean on the exterior and introduce you to machine polishing. This is a great course for the novice and professional alike.

The course will include:

• Wheel and tyre cleaning

• Pre-rinsing and snow foam• Contact washing

• How to remove contaminants from the paintwork using both chemicals and clay

• How to safely clean and dry an engine bay

• Hand polishing, waxing and sealants

• Basic machine polishing

Machine Polishing & Ceramic Coating

2 Day Course

£450 per person

This course is for those who are happy with exterior preparation of the vehicle but want to know how to get those extra special results from their paintwork with machine polishing. And of course, to finish off we’ll need to add a ceramic coating!

We will also show you how to get that interior looking spot on too.

The course will include:

• Machine polishing

• Machine pads and compounds

• Correct lighting and defect removal

• Ceramic coating

• Wet vacuuming and fabric cleaning

• Fabric protection

Complete Detailing & Paint Correction

3 Day Course

£650 per person

Now this is the total package. It’s a combination of the single day and two-day course, rolled together, with a few extras added in for good measure to give you the ultimate guide to valeting and detailing!

This is the course for the connoisseur and to give you a comprehensive skillset.

We will cover all the one day and two days with the extras. The course will include:

• Everything from the Exterior Wash& Paint Care Course

• Everything from the Machine Polish& Ceramic Coating Course

• Wet sanding of paintwork(to remove deeper defects)

• Rotary machine polishing


"Keen to learn and enhance my detailing skills, techniques and product knowledge, I researched possible training providers and booked the 3 day course with Car Gods.

The course has been one of the best experiences for me and I enjoyed every minute. The guys at Car Gods were patient, hospitable, knowledgeable and professional.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or professional, I can wholeheartedly recommend Car Gods training courses to anyone looking to increase their knowledge and confidence in vehicle detailing."

Neil Corrigan, Detailed Driven

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