Take it from us, finding the best tar remover and keeping it to hand really is essential. Why? Well, tar spots can blemish an otherwise spotlessly divine bit of paintwork. They’re more of a nuisance than a hazard but as aesthetic perfectionists, we at Car Gods think your car and its paintwork deserve better. So, we’ve put together a guide on how to remove tar from your car.

What Causes Tar Spots on Car?

Tar is mostly found on roads and at industrial sites where it’s used for roofing and plumbing. Inevitably, you’ll end up driving on one of these roads scattered with loose tar. Statistically, it’s almost a certainty. This loose tar will then latch onto your car’s bumper, grill and near the wheels, creating spots.

While tar spots don’t damage your vehicle’s paintwork, their distinctive jet-black appearance can certainly distract from the overall finish of your vehicle - and tar’s sticky texture makes it particularly difficult to remove.

How to Remove Tar Spots from your Car

Tar spots on your car are not like other deposits that stick to your vehicle. Using a product designed to help get rid of splattered bugs, sap or fallout won’t do the trick, as tar spots, while relatively soft, are particularly sticky and difficult to remove. Even a clay bar won’t be very effective, as it will wear out very quickly trying its luck against tar spots.

You’ll need something designed for a more rigorous clean.

Step 1: Select the Best Tar Remover

To remove contaminants as adhesive as tar spots, we recommend using a specialist product, like our Perseus Tar Remover – part of the Car Gods range.

Why Perseus? Well, Perseus was a brave warrior brought in to behead the Gorgon Medusa whose gaze turned you to stone. Men would do anything to avert Medusa’s gaze, and tar spots may have a similar effect (more the averting gaze bit, less the turning into stone).

Perseus Tar Remover is exactly what your car needs to get rid of the irritating eyesores that are tar spots. Formulated with small amounts of solvent and polishing minerals, it not only removes tar deposits and other adhesives effortlessly but also provides an extra layer of protection ahead of the next stage of treatment.

Unlike its mythological namesake, however, Perseus is not a brute and is compatible with a wide range of surfaces, including glass, paintwork and coloured plastics.

Step 2: Wash & Dry Your Car

Before applying Perseus Tar Remover, first make sure that your car has been thoroughly cleaned. It’s easier to spot the smaller tar spots on a clean car, allowing you to apply the tar remover more precisely.

We recommend using Triton Snow Foam as a pre-wash to loosen some of the tougher dirt stains, then following up with Proteus Pure Shampoo for a more thorough clean.

Step 3: Apply Your Tar Remover

Shake your bottle of Perseus Tar Remover well, then place a toothpaste-sized amount on a microfibre cloth. Use the cloth to apply Perseus liberally on your car’s panels, targeting the tar deposits.

Once the spots are thoroughly covered, wait for 2 minutes, then use a new microfibre cloth to wipe off the tar deposits. They should come off easily now. Finish by rinsing your vehicle thoroughly.

Taking these steps will help you give your car the spotless paintwork it deserves!