If you own a petrol vehicle, you may have noticed that new E10 fuel pumps have been installed in place of the former standard grade E5 petrol pumps.

With any change, there can be an initial period of confusion but don’t worry, we’re here to put your mind at rest. We’ll explain everything you need to know E10 fuel compatibility and why the E5, E10 fuel change was introduced in the first place.

What is E10 Fuel?

For several years, the Ethanol content in E5 fuel has been a hot topic of debate within the wider climate change discussions around the world.

The new E10 fuel contains up to 10% renewable ethanol, which will help to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with petrol vehicles by 750,000 tonnes per year. This is the equivalent to taking around 350,000 cars off the road to help tackle climate change.

Is My Car Compatible with E10 Fuel?

At this point, you’re probably wondering “Will my car run on E10 fuel?”. Most cars manufactured after 2011 will be able to run on this new E10 fuel with no problems whatsoever.

You also shouldn’t worry about putting E10 fuel in older cars. Several vehicles manufactured before 2011 will be E10 fuel compatible cars too.

Does E10 Fuel Damage Engines That Aren’t Compatible?

If you were to add E10 fuel into an unsuitable engine, the engine will still run as normal at first, but over time you could face engine issues which can be extremely costly!

If you’re worried about E10 fuel, check your vehicle’s compatibility on the government website

Can You Use Fuel Additives with This New E10 Fuel?

In test conditions, E10 fuel has been observed to cause more severe engine deposits which in time clog your engine and may cause long term damage… but don’t panic, we’ve got you covered.

All our Nitrox fuel additives have been developed with the protection of high Ethanol containing fuels in mind (PHEW)!

Nitrox Max Blast Detox Power Clean Petrol will give your engine the detox it needs and get rid of any of the unwanted nasty deposits the E10 fuel may have caused.

Is E10 Fuel Compatible with Classic Cars?

Unfortunately, when it comes to E10 fuel, classic cars are unlikely to be compatible.

The UK government has released a statement stating E5 fuel will still be available from most fuel stations in the form of super grade unleaded. So, while classic car owners will still be able to fill up their vehicle, it’s going to hurt their pocket a little more.

When is E10 fuel coming out in UK markets?

It’s already here! During the summer of 2021, the standard 95 octane petrol grade in Great Britain became E10.

And you now have all the tools to make an informed decision about whether to put the new E10 fuel in your car or not.