What is it?

Tar can be a challenging part of a detail, even regular maintenance can include the need for a tar remover. It’s those unsightly black spots all over your vehicle that appear mostly around the bottom half and the back end. This tends to be worse in summer when the roads are warmer, and the tarmac is softer. Equally a freshly laid road can cause plenty of tar splatter up the side of your bodywork.

Why use it?

There are a couple of reasons why you would want to get rid of those nasty speckles all over your pride and joy.

The first reason is purely aesthetics. Let’s face it, tar on your car doesn’t look great. Particularly on lighter coloured cars, it ruins the overall look of a vehicle. The second reason you would want to dispel tar from the bodywork is that it provides a better surface for polishing.

Let’s explain this…

When polishing paintwork, you want the cleanest freshest base to work with. Having tar on there just doesn’t help, and that’s where the new Car Gods Tar Remover comes in.

Whether its hand or machine polishing, tar will contaminate your pad or applicator. As well as that, grit or sediment that has attached itself to the tar spots will then be dragged around the paint as you polish. Anything that gets between the polish and paint needs removing before you start.

Tar removing should be part of the chemical decontamination stage of a detail. This usually includes Fallout Eliminator and a Clay Bar Kit too! Tar Remover for the tar, Fallout Eliminator for the fallout particles attached to the paint and clay for the final stage which removes contaminants attached to the otherwise prepped vehicle.

So, as you can see, Tar Remover is a key component to the prep process.

How to use it

Here’s the fun bit. Actually using the Tar Remover is extremely satisfying.

Car Gods Tar Remover is literally a spray, wait and wipe product. Once the product is sprayed over the affected area it gets to work instantly, dissolving the tar spots right in front of your eyes. It only takes a few seconds to completely dissolve the tar spots and has a brown streaking appearance while it’s doing its thing.

Wipe over with an edgeless microfibre after these few seconds and you’ll be left with a clean fresh panel. For those larger tough, old tar spots, apply a second spray and leave a few seconds longer. Car Gods Tar Remover will shift it effortlessly.

For a little bit of best practice, we usually give the panel a light second spray over and quick wipe just to make sure nothing has been missed. Those tiny tar spots can sometimes be hard to see, and as mentioned before, we want our panels to be perfectly prepared for polish.

An extra tip for tar removing that may not be so obvious - check door shuts and wheels for tar spots as these areas can end up being overlooked and missed.

Until next time, I've been Tom, and that's detailing.