What is it?

So we always talk about having the cleanest wheels to enhance any clean, wash or detail. What completes the look better than a tyre dressing. The Car Gods Black Angel Tyre Serum is the perfect partner to clean, waxed wheels. This Serum is black pigmented for an even darker appearance to the tyre wall. Once applied to a clean, dry tyre, this formulation will cling on and keep those tyres looking fresh and dressed until the next clean. This product wont overload the appearance to maximum gloss levels, but more to an “as new” look.

Why use it?

Tyres are at the forefront of contact with the road and as such, end up filthy and worn. Not only does Black Angel Serum revitalise the colour of the tyre but it will maintain it. The unique formulation soaks in to the rubber and conditions where applied. Sidewalls are prone to cracking after a few years, so why not try to reduce the chances of that happening? Aside from the nourishing properties of the serum, there is the fact its black pigmented. This means that applying the product will darken the tyre surface. A single coat will give the perfect satin finish, but apply a second and the gloss levels rise up. Depending on exactly how you want your tyres to look, dictates how much product to use. This means you car change up your gloss levels from vehicle to vehicle.

How to use it

Once the tyres have been washed and dried its time to apply the Black Angel Tyre Serum. A little tip before applying, is to wipe over the tyre wall with Car Gods Tar Remover. Now this may seem like an odd thing to do as we don’t have any tar on there, but the solvents in the Tar Remover will lift any remaining tyre dressing off the tyre in one wipe, leaving behind the perfect surface to take a tyre dressing.

This may be the first time you’ve cleaned the tyres in question and old dressings may be lingering around, if so, this is a must for you. Now the tyre is perfectly clean and prepped all that’s left to do is apply some of the serum to the applicator pad and work in. Move the applicator from left to right, making sure the dressing has touched every bit of the tyre wall. Avoid the tread of the tyre, while this may look pretty cool, its highly impractical and can stain driveways or reduce grip on the road. There you have it, clean, dressed tyres, which once left to dry will become hydrophobic and long lasting.

There you have it, some unbelievable looking wheels!

Until next time, I've been Tom, and that's detailing.