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Tar Dissolver - 500ml

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 One of the Greatest Heroes, Perseus

Perseus was brought in as a brute, a warrior, someone strong to remove the tough, tar spots that latch onto your vehicle all year round. The tar dissolver eliminates tar spots effortlessly, leaving a clean, protected surface ready for the next stage of your vehicle treatment.

PROTECT YOUR PAINTWORK: Eliminates tar spots effortlessly, leaving a clean and protected surface ready for the next stage of your vehicle treatment.
REMOVES TOUGH CONTAMINANTS: Removes tar and other harsh contaminants that can damage your vehicle's paintwork if left on the bodywork.
EFFECTIVE AGAINST ADHESIVES: Tar Dissolver contains small amounts of solvent to remove glue, adhesives, diesel deposits, and oil/greasy film.
EASY TO APPLY: This product can be applied with a clean microfibre cloth, sponge, or soft detailing brush.
CAN BE APPLIED ON GLASS AND PLASTICS: No cracking risks on delicate surfaces such as clear plastic. It can also be used on glass for the removal of adhesive stickers.

Ensure all surfaces have been cleaned thoroughly and dried before application.
Shake bottle well and turn trigger nozzle to ‘on’.
Apply sparingly to tar spots, fuel spills, and heavy stains around the lower areas of the vehicle.
Allow 5 minutes for the product to dissolve tar spots and general soils.
Agitate heavy stains with a microfibre cloth or brush as required.
Wipe away any excess using a soft cloth.
Rinse the vehicle thoroughly.
Turn trigger nozzle to “off” position for storage.

Note: Do not use in direct sunlight or when surfaces are hot. Test on an inconspicuous area to check paintwork. Do not apply the product to clear plastics or rubber seals. Do not allow Perseus to dry or bake on any surface. Store container in an upright position and secure when transported.

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