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Soft Top Cleaner - 500ml

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Helios, the Bringer of Daylight

Helios is a specially formulated dual action fabric soft top cleaner that effortlessly removes bird lime, dirt, grime, and moss, whilst cleaning and revitalizing the appearance of the hood. This deep-penetrating formulation removes surface contaminants without damaging the appearance of the convertible roof. Pair with our Soft Top Water Sealant for long-lasting results.

• Suitable for use on all fabric soft tops
• Hydrophobic formula repels dirt and water, aiding future maintenance
• pH neutral and acid-free formula
• Improves the appearance of fabric and canvas soft tops
• Reproof, protect and preserve the cabriolet hood

1. Ensure your hood is free from loose dirt, leaves, and debris.
2. Shake the bottle well
3. Spray Helios onto a small area at a time
4. Allow Helios to sit and soak into the hood, then agitate with an upholstery brush or sponge to lift the dirt off carefully
5. Rinse the area before moving on to the next area to be cleaned
6. Once cleaning is complete, rinse the whole area lightly with a hose (do not use any high-pressure devices)
7. Clean vehicle as normal.

For best results: Wait for the surface to dry and seal with Car Gods Pontus Soft Top Water Seal.

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