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Nitrox Cetane Power Diesel Boost - 300ml

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The dual-purpose formula contains technically advanced additives specially designed to clean fuel injectors and combustion chambers to maximise performance and increase the BHP of diesel engines. The powerful formulation will optimise your fuel by increasing the cetane level of regular pump fuel. Higher cetane fuel will withstand more pressure, produce more engine power and improve your engines performance.

• CETANE BOOSTER: Increase your fuels Cetane level by up to 4 points. Depending on their quality, diesel fuels can burn at different speeds. Poor quality fuel is given a lower • Cetane number and can lead to inconsistent burning in your engine.
• INJECTOR CLEANER: Remove debris from your injectors allowing for cleaner fuel flow.
• GO FURTHER: Increase your MPG, letting you go further for less.
• BOOST PERFORMANCE: Restore your car's original performance and increase BHP.
• PREVENT PING AND KNOCK: High-performance additives limit misfiring in your engine and increase your engines life.

Using the spout provided simply pour the entire contents into the fuel tank before filling up with a full tank of diesel - 300ml treats approximately 50 litres. Suitable for use in diesel engines only. Not recommended for high mileage vehicles which may have worn damaged components. Do not mix with other fuel additives.

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