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Invisible Shield Wheel Sealant - 400ml

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Wheel Sealant is a specially formulated, self-cleaning super-hydrophobic Invisible Shield designed to protect your wheels against dirt, road grime, and the build-up of brake dust. Once Cerberus has been applied, the hydrophobic nanofilm creates a non-stick surface that effortlessly repels water, giving your wheels self-cleaning properties as contaminants are easily washed away ensuring your wheels remain cleaner for longer.

• Car Gods Wheel Sealant adds a super hydrophobic protective barrier to your wheels that actively repels dirt, water, brake dust to keep your wheels looking cleaner for longer.
• The Hydrophobic Nano Film gives your wheels self-cleaning properties as contaminants are easily and effortlessly washed off the surface of your wheels.
• Once your wheels have been thoroughly cleaned and completely dried, simply spray a light coating over the exposed wheel surface, rotate the wheels ad spray another light coating to ensure you have complete coverage. DO NOT BUFF OR TOUCH THE TREATED SURFACE.

1. For best results, ensure your wheels have been thoroughly cleaned with Car Gods Wheel Perfection Cleaner to remove baked-on brake dust, road grime, and dirt from alloy wheels to ensure a perfectly cleaned surface.
2. Using a high-quality microfibre cloth, thoroughly dry your wheels by rotating them 180° to ensure all-wheel surfaces are completely dry.
3. Shake can well.
4. Treating one wheel at a time, spray a light coat over the exposed wheel faces.
5. Rotate the wheels 180° and spray another light coat to ensure full coverage over the wheel faces. DO NOT RUB OR BUFF OFF.
6. Allow to dry for at least one hour.

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