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Interior & Exterior Trim Rejuvenator Kit - Clear

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Call upon Phanes, the God of New Life

To rejuvenate and permanently restore your interior and exteror plastic trims, rubber and vinyl use our Trim Rejuvenator Kit. The powerful formula permanently revives worn and UV damaged plastics and rubber trims back to their original finish, whilst providing protection to prevent further damage.

This kit contains Car Gods Trim Cleanser, Car Gods Trim Reviver Clear and two microfibre cloths.

• Rejuvenates and permanently restores your clear interior and exterior plastic trims, rubber and vinyl.
• Car Gods Trim Cleanser quickly and easily penetrates and lifts off dirt, grease and grime to prepare the surface.
• Permanently revives worn and UV damaged plastics and rubber trims back to their original finish.
• Car Gods Trim Reviver provides a layer of protection to prevent further damage to your trim.

1. Wear gloves before beginning the application.
2. Use one microfibre cloth and Car Gods Trim Cleanser to ensure surface to be treated is thoroughly cleaned and completely dry.
3. Shake bottle well for at least 2 minutes or until contents are fully dispersed.
4. Pour Phanes Trim Reviver onto the second microfibre cloth, taking care to avoid spilling on seats, carpets, and other surfaces you do not wish to treat.
5. Apply an even layer sparingly, using a smooth vertical and horizontal motion, pouring additional product on the cloth to get complete coverage and avoid streaks.
6. Allow 15-20 minutes for dressing to dry.

Car Gods Trim Cleanser

1. Spray Trim Cleanser liberally on the surface to be treated and allow to soak for 30 seconds.
2. Using a clean microfibre cloth or detailing brush, agitate the surface to remove dirt, grease, and other contaminants.
3. Rinse off area thoroughly with clean water.
4. Allow to dry completely before applying Trim Reviver.

Note: Do not apply in direct sunlight or temperatures below 10°c or above 20°c. Severely UV damaged surfaces may require a second application.

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