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Wheel Perfection Cleaner - 500ml

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Messenger of the Gods, Hermes

Hermes is a pH neutral colour-changing wheel cleaner for all-wheel types. As the messenger of the Gods, it will ensure that you’re rolling on clean wheels. Hermes is designed to effectively remove baked-on brake dust, road grime, and dirt from alloy wheels and wheel trims.

Hermes reacts with brake dust, dirt and iron deposits, dissolving them and allowing them to be washed away - leaving sparkling rims! For best results agitate with a wash mitt or wheel cleaning brush and rinse with a pressure washer.

• Suitable to use on all wheels, even if chromed or damaged
• Acid-free, pH neutral, and silicone-free formula
• Touchless cleaning if used regularly, reducing maintenance
• Lifts, reveals and removes iron splinters, brake dust, and grime
• Scented with a pleasant mango fragrance
• Suitable for use on black alloy wheels

1. Rinse off loose dirt with cold water or a pressure washer
2. Ensure that all wheels are cool before applying
3. Shake the bottle well
4. Apply to one wheel at a time, spraying liberally over the wheel surface
5. Leave to dwell for 5 minutes and you will see the formula will start to change to a deep purple colour as it reacts
6. Agitate using a soft wheel brush or wash mitt and work over brake dust, dirt, and grime
7. Rinse wheels thoroughly

For best results: Seal and protect your wheels with Car Gods Apollo Wheel Perfection Wax.

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