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Wash & Protect Kit

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The perfect kit for any detailing lover who wants to get the best out of their vehicle’s bodywork. Housed in this exclusive Car Gods Detailer’s Bag are all the products you need to breathe new life into your paintwork and wheels. Wash, decontaminate, and protect with a selection of divine products brought to you by the Car Gods.

Car Gods Detailer’s Bag
Pure Shampoo 500ml
Wheel Perfection Cleaner 500ml
Holy Water Secret Shield 500ml
Edgeless Microfibre Drying Towel (60x60cm)
Microfibre Wash Mitt
Car Gods Detailing Brush

This kit contains your essentials for cleaning and future-proofing your vehicle. Complete with a premium carry bag so you can easily store and transport your favorite detailing products.

Decontaminate your wheels using Wheel Perfection Cleaner and the detailing brush. The colour-active, fast-acting, powerful, acid-free wheel cleaner ensures that it can be used on all types of wheels without causing any damage. Simply spray all over the wheel surface and allow the formulation to dissolve caked-on brake dust from your wheels and rinse off.

Pure shampoo is engineered to leave a smooth high-quality finish to the paintwork. Creates a thick foam to safely remove stubborn contaminants from the surface of your vehicle. We recommend using the two-bucket method for best results; one bucket with clean warm water and a grit guard and three cap fulls of pure shampoo, second bucket with clean warm water and a grit guard to rinse your wash mitt. Pure Shampoo is the ideal maintenance wash shampoo as it is pH Neutral and does not strip waxes or sealants.

Holy Water is a paintwork sealant designed to provide a highly durable hydrophobic layer of protection that repels dirt, water, shields your paintwork from damage from sunlight, bird lime, and prevents oxidation from occurring. Holy Water offers up to 12 months of protection to your paintwork, meaning maintenance washes will be much easier and quicker for you.

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