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Leather Reviver - 500ml

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Dionysius, A Nature God of Fruitfulness and Vegetation

Dionysius, created by the fertile nature & fruitfulness of the God himself, is a powerful leather conditioner & cleaner that works to replenish the feel and texture of all shades of leather. Soft & delicate leather needs to be cared for throughout its lifetime. Dionysius is a rich nourishing formula that cleans and cares for leather upholstery.

• Cleans and moisturizes all shades of leather
• Silicone and solvent-free, therefore, no unwanted residue is left on the material after application
• A special blend of soaps, natural oils & waxes gently clean, feed, and moisturize the surface
• Replaces essential oils within the leather
• Improves leather flexibility and reduces the effects of aging

1. Vacuum the leather using a brush head attachment to remove loose dust and dirt.
2. Shake the bottle well before use.
3. Apply with a clean, soft, cotton cloth and gently work over the surface until the rich cream slowly disappears. Use sparingly around stitched areas.
4. When dry, buff lightly with a clean, soft cotton cloth, turning frequently.

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