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Car Gods Leather Perfection Kit

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 Phaethusa, the Personification of the Sun's Blinding Rays and Guardian of the Cattle

Ensure that your leather interior is nourished and well maintained with our Leather Perfection kit. Leather is durable but can age prematurely if the natural oils are not replaced. Leather Perfection contains gentle cleaners to lift dirt off the surface whilst a specially formulated blend of natural oils and waxes moisturise and conditions the surface, preventing your leather from drying out.

CLEANS: Contains gentle cleansers to lift dirt from the surface.
RESTORES: Leather Perfection Polish restores your leather surfaces by replacing the natural oils to moisturise and keep the leather supple.
SHINES: A special blend of oils and waxes conditions the surface, enhancing its appearance.
PROTECTS: Natural oils and waxes prevent your leather from drying out.

1. Vacuum the leather using a brush head attachment to remove loose dust and dirt.
2. Apply using the sponge applicator provided and gently work over the surface until the rich cream slowly disappears. Use sparingly around stitched areas.
3. Leave to dry for a few minutes and buff lightly with the provided microfibre cloth, turning frequently.

Note: Do not use on perforated leather, Alcantara, suede, or moquette surfaces. Always test on an inconspicuous area for compatibility and colorfastness.

We recommend that you condition your leather every 6-12 months to keep it looking like new. Also suitable for use on other leather items such as luggage or furniture. Store the container in an upright position and secure when transported.

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