Interior, Wheel & Trim Kit


How To Use

This kit encompasses products that ensure you focus on the areas that often get the least love when it comes to detailing your vehicle.

Wheel Perfection Cleaner is a colour active, fast acting, powerful, yet acid free wheel cleaner to ensure that it can be used on all types of wheels without causing any damage. Simply spray all over the wheel surface and allow the formulation to dissolve caked-on brake dust from your wheels and rinse off.

To protect and enhance your freshly cleaned wheels and tyres. The kit contains Black Angel Tyre Serum and Wheel Perfection Wax. Wheel Perfection Wax is an instant wheel sealant designed to protect your wheels against dirt, grime, and the build-up of brake dust. Black Angel Tyre Serum is designed to condition and offer long lasting protection over your tyres. Whilst enhancing the overall look of your entire vehicle.

Finish your exterior clean using Glass Perfection Cleaner. The VOC and alcohol-free formulation designed to remove finger marks, tobacco haze, and light grease from all exterior and interior glass surfaces leaving a streek-free crystal-clear finish.

Stain Eliminator is designed specifically to target and eliminate stubborn stains and marks from your seats, carpets, and other fabric upholstery in your vehicle all the while leaving you with a fresh linen fragrance. Once stubborn stains have been dealt with. Fabric Reviver is used to clean further and rejuvenate your fabric seats, carpets, and all other fabric interior upholstery. It contains UV brighteners that enhance the appearance of the fabric to restore it to its original magnificence.

If your interior has leather elements to it, we have formulated Leather Reviver with the necessary cleaning agents that lift dirt off the surface of your leather while the conditioning agents simultaneously nourish and protect the leather from hardening and cracking.

Once the soft fabric surfaces have been tended to, use Interior Detailer and the detailing brush on hard surfaces of your interior such as the steering wheel, dash, instruments, and plastics to remove dirt and stains and leave a strake free finish and a refreshing apple fragrance.

Use the Car Gods Metal Product Holder for a quick and convenient way to store your favourite Car Gods products so you can easily access them every time you’re detailing your vehicle.