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Almighty Power Pre-Wash - 5L

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Ruler of the Underworld, Hades

Delve into the depths of the Underworld and acquire the abilities of Hades, the unseen one, to help pre-wash your vehicle to a godly standard. Hades is an almighty pre-wash that easily removes light contaminants from your bodywork such as road grime, bug deposits, and loose dirt. Removing these loose contaminants helps reduce bodywork swirl marks and wash marring during your washing stage.

• Compatible with clear plastics, bare metal, carbon fiber, and aluminium
• Contains corrosion inhibitors to decrease corrosion rate of bodywork
• Pre-wash your car to get rid of loose contaminants before cleaning
• Easily removes light deposits such as loose dirt, plastic adhesives, road grime, and bug deposits
• Helps reduce swirl marks and marring during the washing stage

1. Shake the bottle well
2. Spray directly onto bodywork (particularly targeting soils, stains, and grime)
3. Wait for 5 minutes for Hades pre-wash to dissolve the stubborn contaminants
4. Remove deposits using a cloth, sponge, or detailing brush
5. Rinse the vehicle thoroughly

For best results: Wash the vehicle as normal with Car Gods Triton Snow Foam and/or Proteus Pure Shampoo for a sparkling shine.

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