Imagine; you are at a car show with your prized restoration project or collectible, and it is getting lots of attention. You congratulate yourself, naturally your beauty is getting the recognition it deserves, especially because you fully detailed it before the show. Now, after the hive of activity and the buzz starts to slow down you notice them; fingerprints on the glass, the paintwork, smudges on the dashboard and a pungent odour lingering inside. Disaster! Well, it doesn’t have to be, as with these great tips and our car show prep bundle, you can get your prize back to being the envy of the show.  

1. Removing fingerprints and restore gloss to your paintwork with a Paint Sealant

Look but don’t touch never seems to stick, so you can expect there to be a few sticky paws putting prints on your paintwork. You can hardly get your shampoo, bucket, and wash mitt out in the middle of a show so what can you do? Enter Speed shine detailer, with a simple spray on and wipe off, it removes unwanted dust, fingerprints and best of all, it is a paintwork sealant not a wax so there is no build-up of layers and no fear of overuse.

Not only will a quick all around spray of speed shine restore the gloss to your paint, but it can also be used on your door shuts, sprucing them up when you are showing off your interior. Best of all, speed shine is neither oily or greasy, which means once sprayed, it bonds to your paintwork and will repel water, grease, and other unwanted marks.

speed shine detailer being sprayed onto a car door panel


2. Wax your wheels for an enhanced shine with added protection

Wheels looking a little flat? Maybe you are worried about scuffs by busy feet when the crowd starts to gather? What you need is a wheel wax, which will not only give your wheels a glossy look to match your paintwork, but it will also give you added protection. A quick spray and wipe will protect from any dirt or dust as well as being easy to wipe off any overspray on the tyres or brakes without leaving a greasy residue.

wheel wax being sprayed on a car alloy wheel

3. Don’t forget to give just as much attention to the interior as you do the exterior

You may or may not be intending to show off the interior, but the easiest way to make your car stand out is by ensuring the interior looks just as comfortable and inviting. A great interior detailer can really bring out the shine and give you that freshly cleaned look. Our interior detailer is an universal product which means it can be used on all surfaces whilst leaving behind a nice apple scent.

Interior detailer being used on the inside of a car door

Got a lingering smell or pesky odour that all the air fresheners in the world can’t seem to budge? Then maybe its bacteria in your air conditioning system. Try using an Air-Con purifier that will circulate within your air conditioning system to seek out and eliminate the bacteria and viruses that cause an odour Using an air con purifier can also be great for post-show recovery to remove any bacteria circulated on the day.

air con purifier being activated inside a car

4. Get into the crevices of leather seats with a thin bristle brush

Its very easy to miss the seams and crevices on the edges of leather seats when applying nourishing cream but we know just how to get to them. Using a thin bristle scrubbing brush, part the brush down the centre and apply pressure to the seat. This will grant entry for the bristles to apply leather reviver evenly. As an added tip you can also use Interior detailer on your leather seats as a primer to remove any dirt or grease from your seats to allow for leather nourishing cream to properly soak into your leather seat.

5. Make your tyres pop with a tyre glaze

Whilst we are giving the exterior and interior some much needed love and attention, something that can really make your car standout is using a tyre glaze pigmented spray. Simply spray it, buff off any excess, and leave to dry. Your tyres will have that slick, wet look without the trouble of wetting them yourself and best of all it will still be there the next time you wash your car after the show.

Half and half comparison of tyre glaze used on a tyre