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Air-Con Purifier -150ml

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Aeolus, Keeper of the Winds

Car Gods Air-Con Purifier Anti-Viral Atomiser is specially formulated to eliminate odour causing bacteria and harmful viruses that build up within your vehicle's aircon system to ensure the air in your car is fresh and clean. Air-Con Purifier sanitises your entire vehicle within 10 minutes by killing bacteria and viruses in the air conditioning system, on upholstery, carpets, doors, and dashboards whilst leaving behind a refreshing minty fragrance. Designed with a lockdown mechanism that ensures continuous and even dispensing throughout the whole vehicle.

• Eliminates odour causing bacteria within your aircon system
• Sanitises your upholstery, doors, dashboards, and air conditioning system in only 10 minutes
• Built-in lockdown mechanism allows for continuous spraying - simply activate and walk away

1. Shake the can well before use
2. Start your vehicle and turn the air conditioning to fill power in re-circulation mode.
3. Ensure all windows are shut and open all dashboard vents.
4. Push the passenger seat forward as far as it goes and tilt the back of the sea towards the dash,
5. Push the circular perforation on the box and place the can in the box to keep the product upright. Alternatively, place the can in the rear footwell or in a cup holder, ensuring the finger tab is positioned towards the centre of the vehicle.
6. Make sure your face is not directly above the product. Depress the lockdown valve until it remains securely in place and the unit is discharging continuously.
7. Exit the vehicle and ensure that all the doors are closed.
8. Wait approximately 10 minutes for the product to full discharge and the anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents to circulate.
9. Remove the aerosol from the footwell and wipe up any excess moisture with a clean cloth.

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