Fallout remover targets the iron contaminants that often go unnoticed when detailing. Although tiny, these little “fallout” particles originating from brake dust, airborne particles from factories, and deposits in dirt and debris can cause the most damage to your paintwork.

Here’s how to use iron fallout remover to keep your paint looking pristine.

What Is Iron Oxide (a.k.a Fallout)?

Though invisible to the naked eye, fallout gradually builds up on your vehicle’s paintwork. If left to oxidise and expand, they can turn into iron oxide particles that are very tricky to remove, creating a frustrating blemish on an otherwise perfect paint job.

Iron oxide particles are very sharp and have a jagged and uneven outer edge. That’s why ­­they can stick to surfaces so easily. If dragged across your paint, their sharp edges can easily cause imperfections and­­ severe swirl marks.

Iron & Fallout Remover before and after on a white car

What is Fallout Remover?

Fallout is difficult to spot and gathers on all parts of a vehicle (from the wheels to the roof to the sills and bumpers), it is also often virtually impossible to remove using traditional car wash products. This is where fallout remover comes in.

The best iron fallout remover will react with the contaminants, highlighting their presence via colour changing technology whilst also lifting and removing iron splinters and other persistent contaminants from your car’s surface. Removing these particles prior to the washing stage also significantly reduces the risk of swirl marks.

The Best Iron Fallout Remover for Your Car

As fallout can settle anywhere on your car, it’s important to use an iron fallout remover that is compatible with a wide range of materials, PH neutral and unlikely to have an adverse reaction with your paintwork.

Ares is the Fall Out Eliminator within the Car Gods range. Named after the God of War, like any good mythological general, our fallout remover is designed to adapt to its surroundings and is safe for use on paint, trim, glass, and metal.

Fallout eliminator spray backed by the iron contaminants being lifted from the car whilst being removed

Ares dissolves and eliminates stubborn, invisible deposits to detoxify all your exterior surfaces. Plus, it’s scented with a pleasant mango fragrance.

How to Use Fallout Remover

Step 1: Shake the iron fallout remover bottle well. Ensure that when preparing your car for the fallout stage you use Pre wash or snow foam and the 2 bucket safe wash method to give yourself the best surface to work with.

Step 2: Spray the fallout remover liberally all over the car’s exterior. Remember to pay extra attention to the lower half of your vehicle, the top of your car will not be as heavily contaminated as the bottom due to a lot of fallout being kicked up by your wheels. You will also see a lot more bleeding around the bottom half due to this common build up.

Fallout Eliminator Spray on Car

Step 3: Wait for 5-10 minutes for our Ares Fall Out Eliminator to turn any iron contaminants red/purple. Avoid using fallout eliminator in direct sunlight as this will dry the applicated sprays and reduce effectivity. For tough baked on fallout, a microfibre applicator can be used to agitate the particles once the fallout eliminator has had time to dwell. This will help to remove more of the stubborn deposits.

Step 4: Rinse off the fallout remover, ensuring that there are no more purple spots left on your car’s exterior. 


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