Removing bugs on windshields, alongside sap and bird droppings, is one of the most annoying aspects of detailing. Even if you don’t park directly beneath a tree, dead bugs, sap and other deposits always seem to find their way onto your car’s paintwork, windows, trim, grill, and lights.

Not only are these deposits tacky, but they are also tough to remove. Car shampoo or snow foam have little effect on these nuisances. Fortunately, your favorite immortals have some simple tips on how to clean dead bugs off your car bumper and windshield with car bug remover.

Dead Insects On Car Paintwork

Are Bugs on The Windshield Really a Problem?

Bugs on the windshield may seem like a small issue to some, but they really can cause quite a bit of damage.

Not only can the buildup of bugs on the windshield obscure your vision when driving, increasing the risk of accidents, but some bugs also have acidic entrails or corrosive enzymes which can mark glass and chip your paintwork.

The longer these corrosive components are left on your car, the harder they are to remove, as they quickly leave a permanent mark that diminishes the value of your pride and joy. Be warned: they can eat through your clear coat in as little as 2 days!

...and What of Bugs on Your Bumper?

Bumpers are designed to protect your car from the impact of low-speed crashes. Anything that chips away at the integrity of this protection, like acidic entrails, is worth being concerned about and should be addressed ASAP.

Insects splattered onto your car bumper

Understanding the dangers of dead bugs on windshields and bumpers is one thing but knowing the best way to clean bugs off windshields and bumpers without ruining your paintwork is another. Luckily, we (and our powerful car bug remover) can help.

How to Get Bugs Off Car Paint

Car shampoo may get rid of bugs, but it won’t get rid of the stain the insects leave behind. However, that doesn’t mean you should just resort to brute force or harsh products.  While abrasive formulas may get rid of the bug stains, they’ll also remove your car’s clear coat finish.

Instead, the best way to clean bugs off your windshield and bumper is to use a specialist car bug remover that’s designed to remove not just the insects but their acidic entrails too.

Car Bug Remover

We recommend using Thanatos, our bug and sap remover!

Like its namesake, the God of Death, Thanatos car bug remover completely eliminates embedded insects and sap from your vehicle windscreens, headlamps and painted surfaces. It does this with ease by breaking the bonds in the protein chains and lifting them from the surface.

Don’t forget that the best way to clean bugs off your windshield is as quickly as you can. The longer you leave these stains, the harder they are to remove.