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Car Gods Sectus 12K Compound 1L

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Summon Asclepius, the God of Medicine, to heal and restore your paintwork from imperfections.

Car Gods Sectus 12K Compound is a fine-cutting compound specially designed for efficiently restoring vehicle paintwork with light marks for a high gloss finish on paintwork. Recommended as the third and final compound to use in our guide for an extra gloss finish to your paintwork. Perfect after use of Car Gods Sectus 9K Compound. The low dusting, splatter, and residue from this compound ensure that cleaning time is minimal, allowing you to continue with the next step of polishing. This silicone-free compound contains diminishing abrasives, lubricants, and coolants, all of which help to provide the perfect finish, as marks will not be left behind after use. Formulated for use alongside a dual action polisher.


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