Tempus Perfectum


Some time ago, a mythological legend was sparked that would transform the world of car detailing for eternity. This range, crafted by the Gods, comes into the arms of the public for the first time. The range was coined Car Gods, mirroring the quality of the products and the almighty beings that created them. The range includes over 40 of the finest hand-crafted products to cover all aspects of vehicle detailing, from pre-cleaning and decontamination to protection and restoration. Named after the Gods they reflect, this divine range of products is a collection for the virtuous, and those who believe in detailing immortality.

We know your car is your world. We know what it takes to restore and protect your world for eternity.
We know that this range will do just that. 

Stage 1
Pre-cleaning & Decontamination

Ares Fall Out Eliminator

When detailing a car, the first thing to do is pre-treat any stains present, this is where Thanatos the God of Death, Ares the God of War, Perseus the warrior, and Hades the God of the Underworld come into play. Eradicating the toughest of dead bugs, stubborn tree sap, removing excess iron oxide fallout and tar spots with ease.



Stage 2
Bodywork & Preparation

Triton Arctic Storm Snow Foam

Once the stubborn contaminants have been removed and the pre-treatment stage has been completed, a full body wash is the next step within the detailing process. Call upon Triton to bring wave after wave of snow foam – coating the car in a thick layer of shampoo or summon Proteus the God of Sea and Rivers to annihilate tougher dirt and road grime patches. It’s important to remove as many contaminants from the surface of the car as possible before restoring bodywork or applying protection to the paintwork.


Stage 3
Hyaline & Purification

Morpheus Clay Bar Kit

Now that the vehicle’s bodywork has been pre-treated and washed, the next step is to make sure the cars surface is as smooth as glass ready for applying a layer of protection over the paintwork. Nothing has come close to perfecting this role until now. Morpheus Clay Bar and Clay Bar Lubricant effortlessly work side by side to decontaminate the surface whilst creating a reflection only seen before in the dreams of detailers!


Stage 4
Protection & Restoration

Aphrodite Speed Shine Detailer

At this stage of detailing, your vehicle will be pre-treated and fully cleaned in preparation for a stage of restoration and protection. This process involves cleaning and polishing to remove swirl marks, fine scratches and oxidised paint, restoring the car as much as possible back to showroom condition whilst leaving a layer of protection behind.


Stage 5
Dressings & Renovation

Apollo Wheel Perfection Wax

Now the vehicle is gleaming, scratch free and protected from the elements, the next step is to make sure your wheels and tyres are immaculate and streak free. Nyx Black Angel Tyre Serum coats your tyres with an exceptional layer of black gloss that protects the tyres whilst applying a wet look shine. Or for a super quick shine that lasts, try Adonis Tyre Glaze which coats the tyre with a sealant that reflects dirt and dust whilst locking in the deep black shine. Whilst Hermes and Apollo look after the rims.


Stage 6
Interior & Preservation

Aether Interior Detailer

By this point the car exterior has been pre-cleaned, prepared, protected and renovated by the Deities. It’s only fitting to have a few more Gods help finish the job off on the interior. Hestia, the Goddess of Home and Hearth, focuses her efforts on tackling moderate stains and spills on upholstery surfaces, whilst Dionysius hones in on reviving worn leather interiors, nourishing the dried-out leather. For all interior detailing, Aether, the God of Light, shines through providing exceptional cleaning to a multitude of surfaces. Not forgetting Zeus for those sparkling windows and mirrors.



The Car Gods are able to offer a helping hand in the cleaning process, with this range of essential wash accessories. Call into action Theia, the Goddess of light. A premium quality plush microfibre cloth to help aid in a variety of detailing tasks. Nike is a microfibre waffle cloth, which can be used with the Car Gods Detailing Range to spotlessly dry and help achieve the original showroom shine on your vehicle. Rely upon Hygieia, the Goddess of cleanliness to provide a premium quality microfibre noodle mitt designed to gently and thoroughly clean your car.