What's the best way to deal with surface scratches?

A surface scratch is determined by feeling no obstruction when passing a fingernail over the scratch, if an obstruction is noticed, it will be deeper than a surface scratch. Our Pure Compound removes surface scratches with ease whilst restoring faded paintwork, whilst Iris is a 3 in 1 treatment designed to restore lacklustre paintwork in one simple application removing surface oxidation, blemishes and minor scratches.


Is a paint sealant better than car wax?

Both really have the same purpose, protection and giving a shiny glossy look. However, sealants are more durable and last longer. So, it’s up to preference. However, some waxes contain a polish which, besides protecting and giving the surface a nice deep shine, also have a cleaning effect.


What’s the difference between washing and detailing?

Washing makes the car look clean to your eyes. However, the trick is to feel the surface area with your fingertips or the back of your nail. If the surface is silky smooth, then it’s detailed from all contaminants that aren’t necessarily visible.


How often should I use a Clay Bar Kit?

This generally depends on where your car has been and how the environment and climate around your car is. If you feel any roughness from any (invisible) contaminants on the paintwork after you’ve washed the car, then this is the kind of moment when you would want to clay bar your car. Always make sure that the surface area that you want to clay is properly lubricated with the clay bar lubricant. If your car is being well cared for and the circumstances are favourable, then you would probably only need to use your clay bar about twice a year. Again, this depends on the environmental factors and you can always “feel” for yourself.

Do I need to clay bar if my car is brand new?

Yes. The reason is because of the method the car has been transported to your car dealer. During transit, the car could have picked up various forms of contaminants (such as metal particles from rails) that may have embedded onto the paintwork due to for example heat or residue from the protective film. The best thing to then do is go through all the pre-cleaning stages, then use the clay bar with the lubricant to polish, wax and seal the car for the best look and protection.

Does water stain the leather surface?

It depends on how you use it. If you leave water droplets on the leather surface, it could potentially stain the leather. However, using a damp cloth to remove excess product is fine. *NOTE: It is important to ensure that the leather surface is fully dried after it becomes wet to prevent discolouration.

What should I do if a compound leaves swirl marks?

Some more abrasive compounds can potentially leave swirl marks. Our formula is however a finer finishing compound ideal for light scratches and swirl marks. If you’ve used our Pure Compound, we then suggest using our Wax of the Gods – Atlas.

Why don’t you have any wheel treatment in your first stage?

The first stage is to pre-wash and remove all the surface grub that is on the surface of the entire car, thus including your wheels. We suggest that if you first go through our recommended stages thoroughly, the muck that is on the wheels should be washed and thus should not spray off any muck when working on the wheels.

Where can the consumer purchase Car Gods products?

Car Gods can be found in-store at Motor-World and Spartan stores. You can also buy our products online, through this website, the Motor-World website and on our Amazon store.

Does Hermes - Wheel Perfection Cleaner contain acid?

The pH of this product is balanced which means that it is not acidic and will therefore not react to the surface area as such. The formulations have been carefully thought through and tested on all sorts of materials to see what type of reactions would take place. So in short, it is not acidic and will therefore not cause any such acidic reactions to your car.

Why isn’t your wheel cleaner acidic? How will it still do the job?

We don’t use low-cost acids in our products to save costs. We use technologically advanced formulations to ensure that our products move together with todays technology that is applied to the car surfaces. This way we make sure that the products do what they are supposed to do, without harming your car.

What’s the best way to maintain the working properties of the microfibre accessories?

We recommend washing every time after use in the washing machine but do not use fabric conditioner.

What is the difference between Iris Diamond Custom Colour Black and Erebus Diamond Black Wax?

Iris Custom Colour Black is the black version of Athena – Diamond Carnauba Wax, for scratch removals, shine and pigmentation improving the looks of your bodywork. Erebus renovates and protects your bodywork adding a glossy finish.

What is the difference between Atlas - Wax of the Gods and Athena – Diamond Carnauba Wax?

Atlas is formulated to leave a deeper glossy shine and Athena is made to restore the surface area more. In other words, Atlas is the top end wax for a durable shine.