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Car Gods Films

Delve deeper into the essence of detailing with Car Gods as we showcase our most prestigious formulations on an array of lustrous high performance vehicles such as the Ferrari 430 Scuderia, Mercedes G-Wagen, Jaguar F-Pace R-Sport and Lamborghini Huracan. Simply satisfy your detailing urges and peruse through our luxurious short films at your own leisure.

Car Gods isn’t just a custom detailing range designed for the detailers…

it’s a lifestyle choice.

 Cronus - Holy Water Secret Shield

Car Gods Cronus Holy Water Secret Shield contains a special blend of polymers and silicones which bond to the surface providing a long lasting protective shield.


Dionysius - Leather Reviver

Car Gods Dionysius Leather Reviver is a special blend of cleaners, natural oils and waxes that gently clean, feed and moisturise the leather surface.


Iris - Diamond Custom Colour

Summon forth Iris, the Goddess of Rainbows to provide an easy way to clean, restore and wax your vehicle. Iris is a 3 in 1 treatment designed to restore lack lustre paintwork in one simple application. Iris’ advanced polymers, pigmented resins and wax technology provides a straightforward approach to removing surface oxidation, blemishes and minor scratches leaving a divine deep gloss shine that lasts.


Aphrodite - Speed Shine Detailer

Car Gods Aphrodite Speed Shine Detailer is a heavenly top gloss detailer that provides an instant mirror shine in half the time of a traditional wax or polish, perfect for the between wax applications.


Triton - Arctic Storm Snow Foam

Car Gods Triton Arctic Storm Snow Foam effortlessly washes away stubborn dirt and grime with ease, perfect for use before contact washing.


Nyx - Black Angel Tyre Serum

Car Gods Nyx Black Angel Tyre Serum revitalises and conditions tyres providing optimum protection that lasts whatever the weather.


Ares - Fall Out Eliminator

Car Gods Ares Fall Out Eliminator effortlessly tackles persistent iron contaminants using a specially formulated Fall Out Eliminator that targets stubborn invisible ferrous deposits within minutes.


Morpheus - Clay Bar Kit

Car Gods Morpheus Clay Bar Kit special blended lubricant and clay bar enables the user to remove inconspicuous surface contaminants whilst leaving your vehicles bodywork sensationally smooth and clean.


Car Gods Hot Lap With Mark Blundell

Tracey from Car Gods was lucky enough to be invited down for a lap with Mark Blundell down at the Bedford Autodrome. Witness the adrenaline filled hot lap and experience how a World Class driver treats the track!
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