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Medium Cutting Compound Pad

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Perfectly restore your paintwork with our foam medium-cutting compound pad, suitable for dual-action polishing machines. Named after Theia, the goddess of divine light and sight, she is the perfect inspiration for our cutting compound pads that are ideal shining a light and removing imperfections on all types of paintwork.

This cutting pad efficiently distributes lighter compound abrasives across marred paintwork to remove light scratches and swirl marks in your paintwork. Our medium-cut pad is designed to optimally deliver heat and cutting compound solution to remove any light imperfections and leave your paintwork ready for finishing. This orange cutting pad is colour coded to match our 9K Sectus cutting compound so you can easily identify the correct pad for medium cutting.

    • Specifically structured for the second step of polishing and 5” polishing machines
    • Offers medium cut and efficiency in removing visible paint imperfections
    • Removes light scratches, sanding marks, overspray, swirls, and water spots
    • Colour-coded orange to be used alongside our Sectus 9K Compound
    • Use alongside Sectus 9K Compound to prepare your paintwork for finishing

    1. Ensure the vehicle has been cleaned and dried thoroughly. For best results, use Car Gods Panel Spray to prime the surface.
    2. Shake your bottle of Car Gods Sectus 9K Compound well.
    3. Apply 3-4 pea-sized amounts of compound to your Medium Cut Compound pad. Add more if using the pad for the first time, to help lubricate the pad.
    4. Working on one small section at a time, start polishing at a low speed before increasing the speed, work the polish on the paint until the desired results have been achieved, then decrease the speed to finish until the compound is fully clear.
    5. Buff any haze off with a clean, dry microfibre cloth before moving on to the next section.
    6. To clean the pad, hand wash it with warm soapy water, rinsing thoroughly before laying it to dry.

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