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Holy Water Secret Shield Paintwork Sealant - 500ml

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The ruler of all gods and men, Cronus

Summon forth the Father of Gods and the beholder of Holy Water Secret Shield, Cronus, to provide the vehicle’s bodywork with a mythical shine.

This uniquely formulated spray wax contains a special blend of polymers and silicones which bond to the surface, providing a long-lasting protective shield. Just spray on and wipe off to watch dust and dirt easily rinse away time after time.

As well as providing an amazing shine, the protection from Holy Water will last from 3 months up to a year and only requires 2-3 sprays per panel - ensuring you get plenty of applications per bottle.

• Compatible with all exterior surfaces of the vehicle
• Creates a hydrophobic layer to protect from contaminants
• Special blend of polymers and silicones that bond to the surface
• Helps to enhance colour of gloss paintwork
• Long lasting formulation which can last up to a year

1. Ensure the vehicle has been cleaned and dried thoroughly
2. Shake the bottle well
3. Working on one panel at a time, apply Cronus sparingly (approx. 2-3 squirts per panel) and wipe using circular, overlapping motions
4. Wipe away excess with a clean dry cloth

Please note: Do not over-apply product or use in hot conditions (or direct sunlight).

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