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Ultimate Black Ceramic Kit

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We know that keeping black cars looking clean is a continuous struggle, that's why we have created the Car Gods Ultimate Black Ceramic Kit. Featuring our Eternal Black Ceramic SiO2 Wax alongside our customer favourites such as Fall Out Eliminator and Arctic Storm Snow Foam. This is everything you need to prep, wash, and keep your car protected for months to come.

Car Gods Exclusive Backpack
Eternal Black Ceramic SiO2 Wax 500ml
Pure Shampoo 500ml
Fall Out Eliminator 500ml
Bug & Sap Remover 500ml
Tar Dissolver 500ml
Arctic Storm Snow Foam 500ml
Edgeless Microfibre Cloth
Applicator Set
Microfibre Wash Mitt

Applying a true ceramic coating to your vehicle takes a lot of preparation and paintwork correction to have a successful application. With this kit, you get the benefits of easily adding ceramic protection to your vehicle's paintwork without having to do hours of preparation for your vehicle.

This kit provides you with the main essential decontamination products as well as the Eternal Black Ceramic SiO2 Wax coating to protect your paintwork and maintain a deep glossy black finish that lasts.

Apply a thick layer of Arctic Storm Snow Foam that clings to your paintwork and lifts off stubborn and loose dirt from your paintwork. Revealing a dirt-free surface that can be further decontaminated using Bug & Sap Remover to eliminate sticky organic contaminants such as dead bugs, tree sap, and bird lime from your paint and Tar Dissolver on any tar spots to easily remove stubborn Tar Deposits. Now Fall Out Eliminator can be applied to tackle those invisible contaminants that get embedded in your paintwork and watch the formulation turn a deep purple colour as it dissolves embedded iron deposits from the surface.

Now you can confidently grab your bottle of Pure Shampoo and the Wash Mitt to safely contact wash your vehicle and leave a freshly cleaned surface. Be sure to follow the 2-Bucket Method when contact washing your vehicle to avoid swirl marks. Now that the vehicle has been thoroughly washed and dried, apply Eternal Black Ceramic SiO2 Wax using the microfibre applicator pad to boost the depth of colour in your paintwork and add a long-lasting hydrophobic ceramic protection over the paintwork.

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