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Ceramico Pro Pre-Cleanse - 500ml

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Summon forth Dione, the wife of Zeus, King of the Gods.

Ceramico Pro Pre-Cleanse is a fast acting cleansing and degreasing solution designed to effortlessly removes contaminants such as oils, greases, grime, resins, polish, wax and compound residue off your vehicle's surfaces. Pre-Cleanse leaves surfaces thoroughly cleaned, smooth and with antistatic properties thus making them ready for applying for Ceramico Pro Ceramic Coating as well as waxes and sealants.


PRE CERAMIC TREATMENT: Car Gods Ceramico Pro Pre-Cleanse designed to rid your paintwork of oil, grease, wax, polish and resin residue so that you have perfectly clean surface to which you can bond the Car Gods Ceramico Pro Ceramic Coating.
ANTISTATIC PROPERTIES: The antistatic layer stops dirt and dust settling on your paintwork before applying your ceramic coating

1. Shake bottle well and turn trigger nozzle to 'on'
2. Spray directly onto a clean microfibre cloth
3. Wipe over the surface to be cleaned in circular overlapping motions
4. Dry the surface using a separate clean microfibre cloth
5. Turn trigger nozzle to 'off' position for storage

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