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Wax Of The Gods - 500ml

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Atlas, The Quality of Endurance

Atlas, not only holds up the celestial heavens for eternity but carries forth the Wax of the Gods, protecting, polishing, and revitalizing the vehicle to a deep high gloss shine. Boasting our premium Carnauba wax formulation, Atlas not only enhances gloss and depth of colour but also safely removes minor surface defects.

• Fine cleaning minerals safely remove surface defects, for a super-smooth finish.
• Premium Grade Carnauba wax formulation is highly durable ensuring your protective coating lasts longer
• Enhances gloss and depth of colour of your paintwork leaving an intense mirror shine.
• Easy to use liquid wax avoids the problems of traditional hard waxes. Simply add to a microfiber cloth or pad and apply liberally.

1. Ensure the vehicle has been cleaned and dried thoroughly
2. Shake the bottle well
3. Working on one panel at a time, pour Atlas onto a clean, damp microfibre cloth or applicator and apply onto the bodywork using circular, overlapping motions
4. Leave for 5 minutes per panel
5. Buff off any excess product and give the wax some time to harden up
6. Buff and remove haze with a clean cloth

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