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Using a Clay Bar to clean a car

What is a Clay Bar?

Whilst this might seem like an easy guide to write (after all a clay bar is just a bar of clay), it’s a little more complicated than that.

One of the more niche parts of detailing, Clay barring is a strange process and one that really sets the hobbyists apart from your weekend warrior. Equally important to the bar, is the lubricant. That's why our clay bars are sold as part of a clay bar kit. Without the lubricant, the clay will grip into the surface of your paint and be very hard to use. 


What does a clay bar do?

Whilst it offers very little visual improvement, claying your car is great for a few things:

  1. Your paint will be left super smooth
  2. Claying will remove tiny dirt particles that no other detailing process will
  3. By decontaminating your paint with a clay bar you will leave a smooth surface, perfect for paint protections like waxes and silicones to bond to

Not convinced? Well, we don’t blame you. The best way of finding out is by using one yourself and you'll be shocked at the difference. 


How to Use:

  1. Make sure your car has been given a thorough wash, going through the pre-wash and contact wash stages
  2. We’d also recommend popping on gloves for this part
  3. Remove your clay from its packet. Make sure it doesn’t encounter any dirty surfaces (particular the floor). If you do drop your Clay Bar, you won’t be able to use it, as the dirt it picks up will scratch your paintwork
  4. Cut/tear your bar into 2 pieces, returning one piece to the packet
  5. Knead your clay bar in your hands to warm it up and make it more useable and tactile
  6. Spray the bodywork with a good coating of clay bar lubricant
  7. Slide the clay bar across the bodywork in straight lines, working on small sections at a time
  8. Wipe the car panel down with a microfibre cloth before continuing with the finish stages


It is a laborious process, but it really makes a difference, particularly when looking to apply a long-lasting protective coating like our Holy Water Secret Shield.

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