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Top Five Car Cleaning Myths Debunked by the Car Gods!

Top Five Car Cleaning Myths Debunked by the Car Gods!

Car cleaning and detailing can be complicated. We're often asked questions or see information posted around that's not true and could even be harmful to your car. So here's a top five to help you avoid some common mistakes.

  1. “Using detergents like washing up liquid for washing your car is completely fine!”

This is the most common car cleaning myth we hear and although it isn’t entirely incorrect it is something we do not recommend. Detergents used for washing your dishes can get the job done but at the cost of shortening the lifespan of your car paint. The chemicals contained in wash-up detergents are great for removing dirt and stains from your dinner plates but are also equally as effective at removing the protective coatings on your car’s paint like wax and sealants. So, unless you want to strip the paint polymers from your car’s paint finish, we recommend using a pH neutral car shampoo like our Proteus Pure Shampoo for an effective clean without taxing your vehicles paintwork.

2. “My car is shiny, so it doesn’t need cleaning!”

Wrong! Your car may look clean but to be certain it is clean you should gently glide your hand over the surface of your car’s bodywork. Your car should feel smooth like glass and any remaining contaminants will give your car a sandpaper-like feel. To remove any remaining residue a clay bar is the perfect tool – both easy to use and prepares your car for applying polish and wax to enhance your car’s protection.

3. “Any piece of cloth will work as a towel when cleaning a car!”

We have seen it all: old t-shirts, bath towels, paper towels and even baby nappies recommended as cleaning and wiping cloths when washing your car. Don’t do it! They may be clean, but a smooth surface is exactly what you don't want to see in a cloth as these types of fabrics will end up just swirling dirt around on your car, possibly causing new micro-scratches. You want to use a decent microfiber cloth or wash mitt which with its deep pile surface will create a buffer that will pick up the fine particles without grinding them into the paint finish.

4. “It rained last night; my car is as good as washed!”

Not at all, it’s the opposite. It may look less dirty and not feel any different, but rainwater may contain some harmful contaminants like Iron Fluoride which is highly corrosive and acidic. These minerals cause water spots on your car and can damage your car paint if left unchecked. That’s why we introduced our Cronus Holy Water Secret Shield which creates a hydrophobic layer to protect against these rain contaminants.

5. “Dashboard dirty? Just use some leather cleaner on it!”

This is a new one for us. If it looks like leather and it feels like leather, then we can use leather protecting products on it? Wrong. Dashboards in cars are not leather but instead are made with synthetic materials like PVC and ABS plastic. To clean and decontaminate your dashboard you will want an interior detailer designed for use on these plastic surfaces. Remember interior detailer does not protect surfaces – it will only clean them!

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