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Tar Spots on a car

The Trouble with Removing Tar Spots and Marks

Certain deposits left on vehicle paintwork need a highly specialist cleaner. Not even a product you may use for bugs, sap or fallout will remove these contaminants. One such example is tar spots. Tar is most commonly found on roads and at industrial sites where it is used for roofing and plumbing and accumulates on the lower half of the body panels near the wheels but can also be found on bumpers and grills. While tar spots don’t damage vehicle paintwork, their jet-black appearance certainly distracts from the overall finish of the vehicle and are especially difficult to remove.

Tar spots are relatively soft but are also very sticky and will wear a clay bar very quickly. It is therefore advised to remove them before you start to concentrate on clay barring or polishing. As previously mentioned, tar spots wont damage paintwork, but their appearance is definitely an eyesore to any detailer or onlooker.

Perseus, who famously beheaded the Gorgon Medusa, is the Tar Remover within the Car Gods 54 range. Perseus was brought in as a brute, a warrior, someone strong to remove the tough, built-in tar spots that latch onto your car all year round. This formulation eliminates tar spots effortlessly, leaving a clean, protected surface ready for the next stage of vehicle treatment.
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