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Thanatos Bug & Sap Remover

The Bugging Part of Detailing

The removal of pesky bugs, sap and bird lime is one of the most annoying aspects of detailing. Even if you don’t park directly beneath an oak tree, sap and other deposits always seem to find a way to splatter your car paintwork and windows. And front bumpers appear to be magnets for bugs and insects during the summer months, covering your trim, grill and lights. Not only are these deposits tacky, they are also tough to remove – a car shampoo or snow foam won’t touch these contaminants! Knowing what to use to remove them will be very useful; – this step will likely become part of your weekly wash in the summer.

Sap, although tacky, will not immediately damage the paintwork of a vehicle. However, over time, sap can attract other unwanted dirt and grime so it should not be ignored, and needs to be removed. Bug deposits and bird droppings, on the other hand, are a different story. These deposits are aggressive so should be removed in a timely manner before they etch the paintwork. As well, if bugs and sap aren’t loosened before the washing stage, further damage could be caused to the paintwork through agitation of their gritty content via your cloth or wash mitt.

Thanatos is the Bug and Sap Remover within the Car Gods 54 range. Thanatos is the God of Death, and bugs and sap are on his radar for removal. Thanatos eliminates embedded bugs and sap from your vehicle windscreens, headlamps and painted surfaces with ease, breaking the bonds in the protein chains and lifting them for the surface.
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