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Nike Microfibre Drying Cloth

Preparing for the Washing Stage & Using a Pre-Wash

Before you rush to begin the washing stage, it is important that you remove all larger contaminants. These large contaminants not only get caught in your wash mitt, but also dirty your rinse water, which may cause you to dirty your shampoo bucket, dragging deposits onto the paintwork again. Pre-washing will result in cleaner rinse water, less need to rinse your mitt, and less mechanical cleaning, which increases the chances of developing swirl marks and blemishes. When you wash the vehicle, you move the dirt and grime via mechanical cleaning through the wash mitt. Although following the correct steps to clean your vehicle will dramatically reduce the risk of surface imperfections, it is not risk free. It is much safer to remove larger contaminants via a touchless wash.

Pre-washing removes much of the dirt and grime from the vehicle paintwork before you begin with your wash mitt and shampoo. However, pre-washes aren’t strong enough to remove all surface contaminants, and therefore mechanical cleaning is still necessary.

Hades is the Almighty Power Pre Wash within the Car Gods 54 range. Hades is a pre-wash that easily removes light contaminants from your bodywork such as road grime, bug deposits and loose dirt. By removing these loose contaminants, Hades aids in the reduction of bodywork swirl marks and wash marring during the washing stage.

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