Ironing Out Harmful Contaminants

Ares Fall Out Eliminator

The Magic of Fallout Removers

Often, the area of detailing that causes the most damage is from the contaminants you can't see. Iron deposits build up on all surfaces on your vehicle, originating from brake dust, airborne particles from a factory or simply deposits in dirt and debris. These deposits, known as ‘Fallout’, are invisible to the naked eye, and gather within the imperfections in vehicle paintwork. If these particles are left to oxidize, creating iron oxide particles, the surface expands, making them very tricky to remove. These contaminants gather on all parts of a vehicle, from the roof to the sills and bumpers. The most common place to find fallout is on wheels, as brake dust clings to the back side and the spokes.

Iron oxide particles are very sharp and have a jagged and uneven out edge. This is the reason that they can stick to any surface so easily. Because of the sharp edges, iron oxide particles can easily cause surface imperfections when they are dragged across the surface. Agitating your paint when these particles are still present will cause severe swirl marks. Removing these particles prior to the washing stage significantly reduces the risk of swirl marks, but also helps to add an extra pre-wash to your detailing process.

Ares is the Fall Out Eliminator within the Car Gods 54 range. Ares is the God of War and removing iron oxide is at the top of his priority list. Ares eliminates stubborn invisible ferrous deposits to dissolve and detoxify all your exterior surfaces, and is safe for use on paint, trim, glass and metal.