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Clean Alloy Wheel

How to Thoroughly Clean Your Alloy Wheels

Before you do anything, make sure the speakers are powered up, the music is playing, the kettle is brewing and all of your cloths, sponges and mittens are all clean and dry read to use. When your cleaning your “pride and joy” make sure to enjoy and take pleasure as this is meant to be a fun and relaxing experience. No need to rush as you give your vehicle the supreme treatment and finish he/she deserves. Our range of ultimate performance, professional quality detailing products will deliver nothing less than godly perfection. 


1. Pre-wash (for the best finish)

Like giving your hair wet before you shampoo, it is best to start your detailed clean with a pre-wash. Twist the nozzle and spray Pre-Wash generously over your bodywork. Wait 5 minutes while the pre-wash dissolves and lifts the grime and loose dirt from the applied areas (this could be a great time to grab a brew). A good pre-wash contains corrosion inhibitors. These help decrease the corrosion rate of steel and alloys while also preventing swirl marks and marring during the wash.


2. Wheel Cleaner and Rinse

After the pre-wash comes the wheel cleaner. We would recommend our environmentally friendly, pH neutral, acid-free wash HermesMuch like toothpaste works to remove plaque, Hermes is designed to lift, reveal and remove iron splinters, brake dust and grime from wheels. And, much like your nightly routine, it helps to give your wheels a thorough brush in the areas where the contamination is concentrated. This will agitate any dirt, loosening it from the wheels leaving them sparkling clean. Rinse thoroughly to prepare the surface for the next steps.

Spraying Wheel Perfection Wheel Cleaner

Try to limit the amount of Wheel Cleaner that's sprayed onto your tyres and brakes.

3. Dry

I’d suggest using a Microfibre drying towel as they're super absorbent, allowing you to dry as much as possible before needing to be squeezed out.

4. Tar Dissolver

Now you may have noticed some small odd black spots on your alloys. These are called tar spots picked up from the road. There is no need for alarm! All you need to do is gently place some tar dissolver on your cloth and dab/rub it onto the black spots, then leave this magical product of the gods to do its thing. By now you’ve probably finished your previous brew, I’d suggest making another one as it's going to be a few minutes till tar dissolver has done the job. Again, once finished here rinse any product off thoroughly.

5. Dry

Before you use your cloth to dry your wheels, make use you have dried it out from previous use. I could go in to explain why but I think you get the gist.

6. Wheel Wax (polish and protective coating)

I’m happy to announce the finish line is in sight. It’s time to call upon Apollo, the No.1 top God! Apollo wheel perfection wax, a wheel sealant to provide an invisible defensive barrier from stubborn dirt, road grime and brake dust. With his Hydrophobic formula, he repels dirt and water from the surface of the wheel. You can apply it via a microfibre cloth or a foam applicator but make sure you don’t get wheel wax on your brakes and tyres unless you want to turn into a slip and slide.

Extra Step: Tyre clean (glaze/serum)

To add an extra KAPOW! To your wheel workout, try Nyx tyre serum or Adonis tyre glaze. With only one coat of tyre serum, you’ll get a chic matt look to your tire with the added benefit of a long-lasting black hydrophobic layer. However, if the chic, matt look doesn’t tickle your fancy, add another layer for a glossier look with the same benefits. If the serum isn’t your thing then we have Adonis Black Angel with the same hydrophobic properties and added durability. Black Angel can also be used to perk up the black plastic trim around your car. Make sure you put some paper down, you don’t want to leave any crescent moons on the driveway.




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