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Detailing an Aston Martin Vanquish

Detailing an Aston Martin Vanquish

This week we were lucky enough to get our hands on a gorgeous, black, Aston Martin Vanquish. Our team stepped up to give it the ultimate clean.


The first thing we got to work on was cleaning the wheels. When detailing It’s important to clean the wheels first. They have the most dirt on which can easily be flung onto your car’s bodywork when washing. 

To clean the beautiful 19-inch alloys, we liberally sprayed wheel perfection cleaner over the rims, before leaving to settle for 5 minutes. This leaves enough time for the cleaner to react with, and dissolve any dirt and iron deposits. 

Wheel Perfection Cleaner - Aston Martin Vanquish

If you don't have a timer handy, or just forgot to turn one on, wait until the spray has started to turn a deep purple colour. Once all the dirt was dissolved, we thoroughly rinsed the product off with the pressure washer.


In this case, the car is well cared for and the wheels were relatively clean. This means we didn’t need to get hands-on and agitate with a brush, we could just let the wheel cleaner do its thing. However, usually, we would set about using a barrel brush or similar to remove all the dirt.

Next, we moved on to cleaning the tyres, wheel arches, sills and other tough to reach spots. We used our powerful all-purpose cleaner, Hades, which works to break down any grease or dirt. In some of the finickity areas, we used brushes to ensure that we cleaned as deeply as possible.

Hades Pre-Wash

The next stage of our pre-wash prep was using bug and sap remover on the front of the Aston to remove any caked-on bugs and sticky sap. We sprayed liberally over the front, before leaving it for a couple of minutes to loosen and lift bugs and grease.  Using a cloth or a soft detailing brush we got to work on any tougher deposits. 

Tom turned on the hose and rinsed away any remaining product from the vehicle.

The Main Clean

Now the fun began! Locked and loaded in the snow foam cannon was our Arctic Storm snow foam. Mixed in a 10:1 water to foam ratio, we covered the car in a thick foam, helping to soften and remove any stubborn dirt and grime. We let the foam settle for 10 minutes, before rinsing away any of the trapped dirt.


Snow Foam - Aston Martin Vanquish

For the contact wash, we employed the tried and tested 2 bucket method. We filled one bucket with warm water and 50ml of our car shampoo and the other bucket with clean water. This system allows you to rinse off the wash mitt and get rid of dirt, before going in for another soak of shampoo. After soaking the mitt, Tom moved in straight lines across the Vanquish removing any remaining dirt. 

Two Bucket Method

We took particular care to clean some of the finer details like wiper blades, radiator grilles and inner sills. If you haven't used a wash mitt before we highly recommend giving one a try. As well as being softer than a sponge, the wash mitt's noodles really allowed us to get into those tough to reach places.


We then set about thoroughly drying the car with our drying towel, drying cloths (for smaller areas) and a blower for the most intricate areas of the vehicle like door hinges and sills. We carefully moved the car inside to begin our paint correction and protection. 


Final Stages

Once inside, Tom used our clay bar kit to remove any of the finer dirt from the car. This was a laborious process, but well worth the results! By claying the car, we removed any time contaminants left behind from the contact wash. This leaves a super-smooth surface, improving the adhesion of any waxes or protectants you might use.


Clay Bar

Using our pure compound and a machine polisher, we moved carefully over the vehicle, panel by panel, to remove any fine scratches and swirl marks from the paint. Despite the car being well looked after, there were more scratches and blemishes on the paintwork than we expected. Tom was extremely careful, making sure to not do more damage to the paintwork than good.

Machine Polishing with Pure Compound - Car Gods

For our final stage, we applied our new ceramic coat. Carefully working over the Aston, we moved in small sections to make sure we left behind an even coating. A little goes a long way here, so it's important not to apply too much. 

The ceramic coat left behind an amazing shine, and the beading results were incredible. (see below)

After applying the ceramic, the car was left inside for 24 hours to cure. It’s important to cure the coating as it allows ceramic to dry properly before exposing it to the outside elements, helping the protection last longer.


The Results:

Fully Detailed Aston Martin Vanquish by Car Gods
Water Beading after Ceramic Coat

If you want the same Godly results, you can take a look at all our car detailing products here. We offer free next day delivery on all orders.

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